We are SOBI


Our commitment to people with haemophilia

At Sobi, we are serious about understanding the needs of people with haemophilia. We believe that having haemophilia doesn’t mean compromising on life’s opportunities. We want to contribute to a world where all people with haemophilia are diagnosed and receive effective treatment and life-long support to live a full life, free from limitations.

We take the time to listen to what people with haemophilia, their families and the wider haemophilia community tell us about their concerns and problems, and their hopes and aspirations. We want to fully understand what’s important, and use this knowledge to enable people with haemophilia to live fuller lives.

Our proud heritage in haemophilia

Sweden has an important place in the history of haemophilia, with several key developments originating here. Sobi has been involved in many of these breakthroughs over the past 75 years. Sobi’s history of innovation in haemophilia is the foundation for our pioneering research today and for our long-term commitment in supporting the haemophilia community.


Kärnbolaget, a forerunner of Kabi Pharmacia and Sobi, begins to produce freeze-dried plasma


Freeze-drying developed further as a way to isolate plasma proteins


Albumin, a human blood component, produced using freeze-drying


Kabi manufactures the first commercial factor VIII


Kabi produces the first factor IX concentrate


A pioneer in biotechnology, Kabi focuses research on recombinant technology


Kabi’s work is instrumental in the successful development of a recombinant version of factor VIII


Kabi merges with Pharmacia


Biovitrum formed from several divisions of Kabi Pharmacia


Biovitrum becomes the global manufacturer and supplier of Wyeth’s (now Pfizer’s) recombinant factor VIII product


Biovitrum partners with Biogen to develop the next generation of treatments for haemophilia


Biovitrum acquires Swedish Orphan and becomes Sobi


Sobi and Biogen complete Phase 3 trials of novel factor VIII and IX products in adults


Sobi’s paediatric trial of the novel factor VIII product is completed


Sobi’s paediatric trial of the novel factor IX product is completed


Extended half-life recombinant factor VIII (rFVIIIFc) haemophilia A approved in the EU


Extended half-life recombinant factor IX (rFIXFc) for haemophilia B approved in the EU


Long-term efficacy and safety data from EHL haemophilia therapies rFVIIIFc and rFIXFc showcased at WFH World Congress


Long-term data show long-term prophylactic use of EHL rFVIIIFc resulted in effective target joint resolution and improved quality of life


Long-term safety and efficacy extension study data of rFIXFc for haemophilia B published


Sobi expands haemophilia B development portfolio by adding rFIXFc-XTEN to its collaboration agreement with Bioverativ

Ongoing research

Research into new treatments over the past 50 years has helped change the lives of people with haemophilia. Much has been achieved, but there is still a lot left to do. Since 2006, Sobi has been working with Bioverativ and has developed a new generation of haemophilia treatments, which are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities

The challenges facing the haemophilia community today include raising the standard of care to reduce the number of bleeding episodes suffered, reducing the number of injections to lessen the treatment burden, reducing the occurrence of anti-drug antibodies (inhibitors) and reducing adverse reactions. Through our partnership with Bioverativ and the wider haemophilia community, we are actively seeking to find solutions for these challenges.

Participation in clinical trials

New treatments for haemophilia are first assessed for safety and effectiveness in clinical trials. But trials can only happen if enough people with haemophilia take part. Sobi is committed to helping the research community raise awareness of the importance of generating robust evidence to support the true clinical benefit and safety of innovative rare disease medicines, and hence to encourage active trial participation.

‘Participate to Innovate’ is an educational initiative conceived and developed by Professor Cedric Hermans of the Haemophilia Clinic at St Luc University Hospital in Brussels, Belgium. The mission of Participate to Innovate is to raise awareness of the importance of haemophilia research and to improve access to clinical trials for all people with haemophilia. Increasing participation in trials means they can be completed quicker — any advance in treatment will then reach people with haemophilia quicker too. Sobi supports Professor Hermans’ initiative through an educational grant.