Humanitarian aid


Modern treatments have the potential to change the lives of people with haemophilia, but are not yet available to everyone who needs them. We want to help improve access to treatment for people with haemophilia, making it fairer and more equal.

One way we are doing this is through our support to donation programmes. Together with Bioverativ we are donating one billion units of clotting factor for humanitarian aid in developing countries over the next ten years. The first 500 million have already been earmarked for the World Federation of Hemophilia’s Humanitarian Aid Program, to help improve the standard of care for people with haemophilia in the developing world.




This programme, along with our other collaborations, means there will now be a more predictable and sustainable flow of humanitarian aid donations to the global community so that one day all people with haemophilia can receive the care they need regardless of where they live.

Improving access to treatment

Sobi and Bioverativ hope that the commitment to supply one billion units of clotting factor for humanitarian aid over the next ten years will: 

  • Enable reliable access to modern treatment for people with haemophilia in more countries
  • Make haemophilia treatment available to people who need it, including those in the developing world, where distance and the local infrastructure can make travel to the nearest treatment centre more difficult
  • Ensure a predictable and reliable supply of treatment in countries where supply has traditionally been irregular, and provide everyone with haemophilia the chance to access state-of-the-art treatment options, irrespective of location and ability to pay